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Meadowbrook Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs
Innovators. Leaders. World Changers.

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VCU Shelfies! 

Exciting News! Five student entrepreneurs from the Meadowbrook Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs (MADE) have been accepted into the prestigious Fall Shelfie Cohort at the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation and Shift Retail Lab.

This incredible opportunity allows our MADE entrepreneurs to showcase and test their innovative product ideas, participate in an immersive business bootcamp, engage in constructive Feedback Friday sessions, and set up shop at a group pop-up market. It's a testament to the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit fostered at MADE.

We're proud to see our students stepping into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, gaining invaluable experiences, and bringing their ideas to life. Stay tuned for updates on their journey as they navigate this exciting venture! #MADEEntrepreneurs #InnovationJourney #VCUdaVinciCenter #EntrepreneurialSpirit

An Award Winning Specialty Center!

DECA State Leadership Conference- Freshmen Job Interview Winner!
DECA State Fair Promotional Campaign Winners!
DECA State Leadership Conference
Food Marketing Event Winner!
Selected as a 2023 Fall Shelfie VCU Shift Retail Lab
Shark Tank Winners 2023
Winners of the Mary Margaret Foundation Business Investment Award! 
Shark Tank 2022 Winners!
 Freshmen Selling
Event Winner!
 Food Marketing 
Event Winner!
DECA SLC 2023!

Check out MADE Shark Tank with VCU 2022

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