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Applications OPEN October 2!

Applications Due December 1st! 

Innovation project & Pitch

The Innovation Project and Elevator Pitch is assigned to all applicants and will collected via SchoolMint.


This is an entrepreneurial project that challenges students to find an innovative, new use for a common everyday item. 


Directions: Brainstorm creative new uses for a water bottle. Other materials, such as glue, tape, and paint may be incorporated into the design as long as the challenge item is the primary component of the final product.

You are creating the actual product.

Record a 3-minute (max) Shark Tank-style pitch video of the invention.

Explain your product and its function. What problem does it solve? How will you market your product? Who is your target market? Where can I purchase the product?

Also, answer the following questions at the END of your video:
1. Why would you like to join the Meadowbrook Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs?
2. What qualities do you have that make you a good entrepreneur?
3. What obstacles do you think entrepreneurs face and how can they overcome them?

The completed project must be electronically submitted via your application online by February 1, 2024. Even though applications are due December 1, you will still be able to 
Log back into School Mint
Go to you application
Click "edit"
Then select 6, Additional Requirements (do not scroll down, select 6)
From here the screen comes up and the browse file button and Choose File to Upload will be there


Due by: February 1, 2024

To see examples of a similar innovation challenge

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You will need two teacher recommendations.
Teachers will fill out the recommendation using the online application as well that will open on December 1.
In the meantime, please talk with your teachers and ask them if they would like to help you apply to a specialty center by completing a teacher recommendation form when they become available online December 1.

We would like to see one core 7th or 8th grade  teacher and one CTE teacher, if possible
CTE - Career Technical Education - examples: technology education, engineering, computers, family and consumer science, business, career exploration

If you do not have a CTE teacher, then a World Language or another elective teacher.



Reach out to our cooridnator, Shannon Tual


For more information on specialty centers in CCPS please visit:

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